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Embarrassing, Drunken Stories

30/10/2014 18:19
I've been pondering embarrassing stories recently, mostly due to listening to Grace Helbig's podcast (Not Too Deep), and much to my horror I've decided to share some of mine. Well drunken embarrassing stories that ends to end in vomit. But hey, whats new.  My First Blurry Drunken...
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02/10/2014 22:38
I should have written this dream down sooner, but I didn't. But the dream was last nights one. The first part of my dream was a recurring one, but I don't really remember it. It was about me hiding from people, escaping. It was pretty cool. Anyway, connected to this dream NOT part of the recurring...
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The Pixy Trickster

25/09/2014 20:03
She's a pixy! Her pointed hat there to cover her pointed earts, and at certain angles, she could be Peter Pan! A pixy, a trickster, whti that glint in her eyes, hinting of mischief unsung, mischief just waiting to be released! Pixy oh pixy, are you here to wreak havoc? 
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