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Cyclone Bullies

21/09/2014 00:26
The other week I had a dream that I was on a beach with the weirdest mix of people. All of a sudden the weather changed, and four or five cyclones appeared in the distance. We all dispersed immediately. I was having a panic attack (unsurprisingly) when all of a sudden my parents' car pulls up, as...


21/09/2014 00:23
He could easily be a vampire. His curly brown hair luring innocents in, and full lips that never fully open, lest they shine upon his magnificent canines, sharp and extended, ready to pounce. 

The Main Character

21/09/2014 00:22
She could be a character in a book. She even has the perfect name for it. She could be in a book for sure. She would do well. She would survive and grow. People would read about her. She could battle dragons and survive. 

Sad Tickets

21/09/2014 00:21
Ticket inspectors on the tram. The man who checked my ticket gave off a sad aura, infecting those around him. I should have given him a hug, but I don't think he would have let me. 

The Intelligent Rebel

21/09/2014 00:20
A typical "emo scene" person, black hair striped with green. Tattoos on his arm, alarmingly pale skin, And yet, incredibly smart. Scene people are not taken as seriously, but always noticed. Do you want love and attention? Are you rebellious? Is it just your style? They don't take you seriously,...

Why Are You Here?

21/09/2014 00:19
Not a typical Australian because her foreign background shows physically, no fault of her own. Not a fault at all. Just who she is. Never paying attention, always on her phone, laptop, or sleeping. Why are you here?

Chameleon Vs. Identity

21/09/2014 00:18
So self assured, and yet the spitting image of a TV Show character. Intentional, or not? Comfortable, or desperately trying to become someone else?

Stick Man

21/09/2014 00:16
His arms stick out, as if they had been glued on and did not belong. Swinging awkwardly away from his body, unable to get along. 


21/09/2014 00:13
Quite simply put, you're observing. This is in no way an original idea of my own, as countless amounts of people do this. However, I recently started taking a little book with me everywhere, and when I find someone interesting, I write about them. I want to put my own observations of people on...

Long Time No Talk...Uni?

20/09/2014 23:38
Wow! To think it has been so long since I've posted on here!! I was, what? About to move into my new place, and about to start uni!!  Well, now here we are, coming to the end of Trimester 2, going through the last rush of assignments - and then exams! Not something to look forward to, but I...

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