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Spoilers Are Like The Plague

03/06/2013 22:05
Okay, so I am a huge TV Show lover. I've also recently gone from having approximately 10 TV shows running, to one. Though apparently, Teen Wolf starts up again within the next few days, so I can make that two. So, I don't know about you, but I know that when I desperately want an episode...

Fish Are Friends, Not Food

30/05/2013 21:25
So, I have this strange obsession. And it's with fish. I'll point out that this obsession isn't necessarily with the actual fish, but moreso drawing fish, and saying fish, and refusing to eat fish. I don't really want one as a pet. I want a mouse or a kitten for a pet. I know, strange. My favourite...

A Brain Of Mush

25/05/2013 22:28
After an entire day of auditioning and sitting around, I am finally home, only to remember that I still have schoolwork to do. Eugh. After five minutes of singing, an hour of dancing (spread out from 8am until 6pm) I got a callback (YAY!), which led to two hours of dialogue (though I only had to...

Greetings From Strange Me

24/05/2013 20:26
Hey all!! So, I shall first start out by saying that I had originally started this blog on tumblr. If you want to read old posts (not that there's many of them), click away here:   Second of all, I'm going to go right ahead and point out that I don't...

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