02/10/2014 22:38
I should have written this dream down sooner, but I didn't. But the dream was last nights one. The first part of my dream was a recurring one, but I don't really remember it. It was about me hiding from people, escaping. It was pretty cool. Anyway, connected to this dream NOT part of the recurring...

Burning Rooms

23/09/2014 22:49
So I know there was more, but this is all I remember. I'm on some holiday with my family, and I'm in my room sleeping. I wake up to find the wall on fire. I run out, alert Mum and Dad, then my brother, and by that time the fire - thankfullly - is out.  Next night, the same thing happens. Run...

Dragon Towels

22/09/2014 18:46
So last night I had a dragon, much like in How To Train Your Dragon. We kept going out on quests and battling evil. That part of the dream was briiiiiiilliant. It got interrupted by bin trucks though. The second part of the dream, the only part I remember, was that my housemate had swapped all of...

King of Demons...on a train.

21/09/2014 13:27
Last nights dream is a bit fuzzy, but what I remember was interesting enough to jot down. First part of dream: It's a a Glee style set up, where I have made friends with a new chick who can sing really well and Rachel Berry. Of course they don't like each other. They were completing for all of the...

Cyclone Bullies

21/09/2014 00:26
The other week I had a dream that I was on a beach with the weirdest mix of people. All of a sudden the weather changed, and four or five cyclones appeared in the distance. We all dispersed immediately. I was having a panic attack (unsurprisingly) when all of a sudden my parents' car pulls up, as...

So, I have really weird dreams. Like....seriously weird dreams. Sometimes I battle evil on a regular basis. It's great. I thought I might share some with you.