Long Time No Talk...Uni?

20/09/2014 23:38

Wow! To think it has been so long since I've posted on here!! I was, what? About to move into my new place, and about to start uni!! 

Well, now here we are, coming to the end of Trimester 2, going through the last rush of assignments - and then exams! Not something to look forward to, but I can certainly look forward to them being over. What to talk about? Hmm. Well, I'm a slow learner, but I'm slowly starting to get better at uni. Some people have that natural talent for assignment writing, whereas I...do not. It's the weirdest thing, you know? Coming from someone who, in English in Year 12, was one of the best in her class, to someone who is average in uni. I mean...look at my writing units. I'm with a bunch of people who are all there because they want to be, all writers to some degree, all extremely talented! It's such a hard, trying challenge for me, and more than once I have doubted my own abilities as a writer - there are so many good ones in my classes that it makes me sound bad! But I'm slowly learning and getting better and in all, hopefully becoming a more mature writer. As someone who has been writing novels since the age of 13, I'm now learning that while YA novels were fun to write, and I'll probably keep the main YA ones I've written and just fix them up, my 'adult' novels that I've been writing has still been from the mind of me - a teenager, in between the ages of teenager and adult. A YA myself, my own brain is ageing and so must my writing! Hopefully this is making sense. But I'm getting better. This year, I'm an average uni student. So next year, my goal is to leave the Credits behind, and start getting the Distinctions, and then by third year I'll be getting High Distinctions! 

Some more exciting news! Even though the last time you heard from me, I was just moving, I will be moving again in a few months, hopefully in early November. I'll be moving to a suburb that's slightly closer to the city - but still easy to get to uni - and with a different person! This time I'll be living with my long-time friend, now-best friend, who happens to share the same name as me! Here's hoping that next year will be better than this year. 

You are currently my -current- method of procrastination right now. I have an assignment due at midnight tomorrow, and I've barely started researching it all. I know what I have to write about - duh, I've read the giant book - but I just need another, what? Six references? So I'm finding them and reading through them to make sure I can actually use them. Well, that's what I'm supposed to be doing. The internet rolled over today, so that means NO MORE SLOW INTERNET on the day I wanted to do my assignment, and over 1 weeks worth of youtube to catch up on (done that!) 

At this point I've really run out of things to say, but I think I'm going to be spending some more time on here and doing some upgrades - I hope! 

Until next time,
The Deluded Writer!