Burning Rooms

23/09/2014 22:49

So I know there was more, but this is all I remember. I'm on some holiday with my family, and I'm in my room sleeping. I wake up to find the wall on fire. I run out, alert Mum and Dad, then my brother, and by that time the fire - thankfullly - is out. 

Next night, the same thing happens. Run out, wake everyone up, fire goes out.

Third night it happens AGAIN. A persistent fire! This time one of the walls half-collapses, being held together by an extension cord (what). Alert everyone, it goes out. But by this time the wall facing outside is basically fucked. Birds and bugs can fly in, and it's hanging half over my bed. So I take everything of mine out of the room (including the xbox...why did I take the xbox on a holiday with me?!) and spent the rest of my dream deciding which room I wanted to move my stuff into, as there was two spare rooms. 


Uhh.....I don't even know what to say about this dream.