Curses, Shocks, and Herbal Tea

26/06/2013 23:20

I have been pulling a disappearing act on you all. Totally.

In all seriousness however, mostly I've just been too busy with year 12 and real life to write here.

Anyway, have I ever told you about the Curse of the Mazda 2? No, I don't believe I have. Well, almost over a year ago, I decided that the car I wanted, the car that I had fallen totally in love with was an electric green Mazda 2. For those of you unsure of what sort of car it is, click here: (hopefully this link will work!! If it). Anywho, ever since that day, literally every goddamn time that I leave the house, I manage to see this car that my entire family and myself has dubbed 'my car' even though I've yet to own it. I'm not the only one; whenever I'm out with my family, they notice it too. Every single time I leave the house, I see it! How mean?! I've come to the conclusion that this car knows that I can't afford it and is therefore taunting me, reminding me that I can't get it. Meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Totally mean. 

Also, I have lemon herbal tea and it's yummyyyyyy.

Of late I've been receiving results from SAC's in class etc, and I had about three shocks within two-ish weeks! The first was that I'd gotten a HD in my ORAL PRESENTATION. For anyone that might know me, I hate oral presentations with a fiery passion, and I had to go so far as to do my oral presentation like a drama solo in order to actually be able the oral presentation! I'd thought I'd gotten a HD on my Language Analysis, but nope it was my Oral P (the results were on the same page). I was very shocked!! The second shock I received was my History document study result. Now, for a tiny bit of back story, I absolutely SUCK at document studies. I'm lucky to get 10/20. However, this time I got 16/20, by far the best mark I've ever gotten on a doc study. Who'd have known? Not me, that's for sure!! But gosh I was, and still am, proud. (gods I nearly deleted my entire thing just then D:) Thirdly, the other day I got my results to my Literature persuasive essay on Persuasion, and I was a bit confused. Normally I get a distinction (D) on my work in Lit, and in worst cases, a credit (C). All of those works had been carefully drafted, taken to my teacher for feedback, and torn apart and re-written. This time, I'll admit I'd totally forgotten about it. So the night before it was due I wrote it, got my uni friend to read over it, and sent it in to my teacher (couldn't print)...and I got a HD. First HD in Lit, and I didn't draft it. Logic is clearly not in play here right now, because if I were to learn from this, it would be DON'T GIVE YOUR DRAFTS TO YOUR LIT TEACHER OR YOU WON'T GET A HD. 

Finally, my last point of news, other than the fact that this is the final week of term (FINALLY), and that I'll be taking off to my bestie's hometown for around a week in the first week for probably the last time since he's moving away, this Friday is my grading for Hapkido! Oh dear gods, I can only do my best. Been working hard all term, knowing that the next grading would eventually show up, and it did. So chookas to me, let's hope I grade! :D 

Well then, enough from me. I've totally blabbed on today!!

Until next time,

The Deluded Writer.