Cyclone Bullies

21/09/2014 00:26

The other week I had a dream that I was on a beach with the weirdest mix of people. All of a sudden the weather changed, and four or five cyclones appeared in the distance. We all dispersed immediately. I was having a panic attack (unsurprisingly) when all of a sudden my parents' car pulls up, as if they'd been there the whole time, and we run towards the car. First I run to the fridge, which is in the middle of a car park at a beach, and grab our water bottles. I asked if we wanted everything else in the fridge and they said no. (Clearly got my priorities straight. Get the water.) So I get in the car and they drive off. We find ourselves driving alongside a cyclone.

Scene change. Literally. Now I'm not in the car but running for my life away from these cyclones, closer than ever. Then I notice that some of the cyclones have transformed into human beings and are bullying people for money. If you refuse, they turn back into a cyclone and kill you. So a cyclone transforms in front of me into a beefy guy and predictably asks for my money. What do I do? I asked him if he took card! To which he responded yes, so I asked him if twenty dollars was enough, 'cause that was all I had! He agreed, and I transferred money into his account. He triumphantly announced they now had the money to buy something or other. Anyway, I then realised that he could now track me down and ask me for money every day. Me being on the tight budget that I am, barely scraping by as it is, I realise I wouldn't be able to afford to give him money every day - I would literally go broke.

And then I woke up.


HahahahaWHAT? That dream was weird, EVEN FOR ME.