Day #1

21/02/2014 00:24

Bananas are fickle things. They don’t last long, either. One minute they’re green, then yellow, then black. But you can’t even eat them until they’re at least yellow, and when they’re yellow they’re still usually a funny taste. Usually, you have to wait until they start getting black spots on them before you can eat them. And even then, if you wait too long, they become too mushy, bruised, and far too sweet. No one likes that. Their evolution is too quick and scares me. It’s like the green is child, the yellow is adult, and the black is elderly. It’s a representation of a human’s lifespan in a fast, rather basic manner. It’s quite strange, to be perfectly honest. And a little bit too honest. Green is not ready; still being made. Yellow is ripe, at its height of life, excited and attractive. Black starts to shrivel, showing the signs of age and wisdom, and the fact that death comes for them.