Day #2

22/02/2014 07:53

(21/02/2014....posted a day late. Whoops!)

There once was a boy who liked slides. He liked them so much, that he thought himself to be the King of all Slides. He would imagine going on exciting, big adventures as he went down them, daring quests in which he got to fight the bad guys...but not get the girl. Girls have girl germs. He believed that he would one day be granted the Power of the Slides and that all slides would bow to him and accept him as King. Even as he grew older, his love for slides never waned, although slowly he was unable to ride the slides as smoothly as he used to, and then he stopped fitting, or bones would pop out of place or become sore. But he never once stopped, and his love for slides never left him. And on the day he died, he became the King of all Slides, and died the happiest boy alive.