Day #3

23/02/2014 01:04


She stares across the room with glazed eyes, unable to comprehend. Her mind is like a ticking clock that needs a wind, or that needs to replace the batteries. Her body reacts in slow motion, and when someone speaks to her, her mind takes several minutes to form the connections needed to understand what is being said and how to speak, let alone what to respond with. Her lack of sleep is haunting her in every possible way, dictating how she acted throughout the entire day; from drinking that super-charged energy drink, to walking 12-hours straight when, medically, she is not supposed to do so. Even as she sits at her computer and writes, the bags under her eyes are so prominent that it is the first thing that one sees when looking at her. When she gets up to walk, she has to walk funny, simply because of the amount of walking she’d done in a day. And yet she smiles in satisfaction, as her day was exciting and enjoyable, filled with memories that will stick with her for quite a long time.