Day #5

24/02/2014 23:39


The water is a complex thing. It ebbs and flows regardless of the time of day, a constant among millions of blips in the metaphorical sand. Although it has the power to change course at moments’ notice, it is always there; water in one shape or form, never dying, unable to die. So what if the river is dry? The trees are not! The trees are water, we are water, human beings are water! Water is always with us, whether in the soft rain of a shower in the comfort of your home, or out at the beach, where roaring oceans come out to play, unyielding and relentless, yet also never-ending. Water is a beauty that one cannot forsake, for it is all around you, hiding and yet in plain sight, with a silent beckon to the unwary, and a roaring call to the unrelenting.