Day #9

01/03/2014 00:29


I soar through the skies, feeling the wind play with my hair. I am a bird and yet I am myself, flying through the sky as a free soul. I can go wherever I want, and I can fly for as long as I want. I fly through a cloud, and it is the most mystifying, exciting thing, as it almost feels as though floating through transparent fairy floss...or perhaps soapy bubbles. My laugh is filled with joy as a group of little birds join me in my flight, dancing around me happily. They part around me and take off south, leaving me to continue on their grouped venture. The clouds have disappated, that is how fast I fly. There is not a single cloud in the sky in this area, and I feel as though I am surrounded by a sea of blue, and yet I know logically that it is the sky, if seems like a sea. The beauty is wondrous, and the freedom exquisite. I look down on the world that now is no more than small blips on what appears to be a well-constructed, ant-sized 3 dimensional world that almost appears 2 dimensional. I am a bird of my own making this day, as I fly and soar through the sky. The sky is mine and I am the sky. We are one and the same. We are forever.