Embarrassing, Drunken Stories

30/10/2014 18:19

I've been pondering embarrassing stories recently, mostly due to listening to Grace Helbig's podcast (Not Too Deep), and much to my horror I've decided to share some of mine. Well drunken embarrassing stories that ends to end in vomit. But hey, whats new. 

My First Blurry Drunken Experience

I'd drunk half a bottle of vodka straight within an hour, and I wasn't a heavy drinker at this time. I drank, but I was a lightweight. I got so drunk that I virtually could not see properly, everything was blurry. I couldn't walk up two stairs, I couldn't stand, and I could barely sit properly. Yes, someone had to hold me up I was so drunk. The person taking care of me and we ended up hooking up - how I remember all of this is beyond me. The actual experiences are gone, it's all blurry. Anyway, I had about one second to warn him I felt sick before vomiting all over him. I was then put in the shower, because I'd also vomited all over myself, and the mother of the house that I was at had to help me. I was virtually incapacitated. But it gets worse. Because I then spent the next hour crying to the host of the party.
By 9:00 at night on New Years Eve, I was sobering up, watching everyone else get drunk. Whoops.

I Ruined Her New Dress

It was Australia Day and my body wasn't taking to the alcohol very well. I know very well how much I can drink before feeling sick, and control it accordingly. I was not drunk this night, and I'm sorry if you don't believe me but it's true. I was tipsy, however. This was earlier this year, and this year I am the heavyweight, no longer a lightweight. It takes a lot to get me drunk. I'd been mixing wine with Sour Monkey (never doing that again) thanks to Kings Cup, and then we'd gone on to do Tequila shots. I randomly started feeling sick and had no time to get to the toilet, so I covered my hand and got ready to run, but instead I ended up vomiting on the floor and all over my friends new dress. After this I was totally sober, so vomiting had clearly killed my buzz.
But I felt bad for making my friend wear tracksuit pants so early in the night.