King of Demons...on a train.

21/09/2014 13:27

Last nights dream is a bit fuzzy, but what I remember was interesting enough to jot down.

First part of dream: It's a a Glee style set up, where I have made friends with a new chick who can sing really well and Rachel Berry. Of course they don't like each other. They were completing for all of the songs, that's all I remember. 

Second part dream: I don't remember this at all. I think there might have been fairies or something.

Third part of dream: I'm on a train, and there is a mum (?) with a chubby child in her arms seeking refuge with the King of Demons. (I have no idea why). I happen to know him really well and summon him and he appears and takes them away. Then I come across a father and a baby I remember calling "Little Bug" because he kept flailing if I held him facing outwards. Not crying or anything, just flailing, like a bug. He wants the same thing as the previous two. Refuge. So again I summon him, and he takes them away. 

Then I woke up.