Sighs, Memories, And Evil Dairy.

09/06/2013 22:31

The sigh-worthy, energy filled process that is re-shooting has begun. Though this time, FAR more organised. Woo!! DID YOU KNOW That it's four months until us Year 12's finish school? *cough* five months until exams but shhh *cough* WOAH. Finally. Celebrations will be in order. Most definitely. 

I have a childhood friend staying with me tonight, and it's kinda strange. Us two plus another girl, we used to be BEST friends. I remember we used to always be at each others houses, wandering through a "haunted" house, making up "clubs" at school, playing kiss-chasy with the boys, and also several games of Harry Potter also with the boys. We were cool kids alright! Well now she's here, helping me out with the photoshooting this week. AND MAY I SAY, I SWEAR we're the most social peeps in the world!! She gets here, we get our laptops out....ensue tv shows. Seperate ones. We're such social people! Sitting in the same room, only speaking to gush about a tv show.
We're amazing, truly. 

In other news, DAIRY IS EVIL. IF YOU'RE DAIRY INTOLERANT I SUGGEST THAT YOU STAY AWAY FROM DAIRY PRODUCTS LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO. I've spent my entire day curled up in bed hating life and dairy. 

Never. Again. (until I forget and do it again) *cough* did I say something? Nope, must be the wind!!

ANYWAYS, I have once again run out of things to talk about.



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