The Power of Dread

18/09/2013 00:07

Have you ever had that moment of total and utter fear? It's almost as if everything around you goes silent, as if your surroundings just don't, can't exist in that moment. Your stomach kind of just.....drops, and you sit there, frozen, unable to do anything but sit and stare in dread and fear and disbelief. 
Well, that just happened to me. As a writer, my books that I write are quite a large part of my life. So, when I went into a folder to work on one of my books, and I find that this particular file is NOT there, is nowhere to be found, and I have no clue why...well, you can imagine. Especially when it's the fourth book in a series and you're quite attached to said book. Luckily for me, I have select friends that read my chapters as I write them, and they still had copies of them, but for the unfinished chapter? Gone. And any writer knows that if you have to re-write something, from memory, it will NOT be the same. Also lucky is that I'm not that far into the book yet; still writing the second chapter. It could have been a LOT worse. 
I'll point out that I STILL have NO IDEA how, where, or why, the file disappeared. Seriously. Kinda freaking me out.

Anyway. Now that I've gotten that out of my system. My exams are looming ahead, mere weeks away now. Every year 12 I know that needs their exams are starting to stress. I imagine I'll start stressing when we start up the next term. *shudder* It's the last week of term this week; for that I'm glad. We all need a break, I think, from the stress. For those two weeks, we can pretend that we don't have exams. Unless you're really good at studying and stressing more than myself, in which case it's going to be spent studying. Me? My holidays will be spent with a puffy face, as I'm getting all four wisdom teeth out - perfect timing, I know. Apparently, the stress of year 12 and my insomniac ways has brought 'em on. Yay. Of course, my high dedication to my martial arts now means that I will be attending my grading two days after said surgery. Everyone seems to think this unrealistic, but I'm determined. I'm limited to only doing kicks, and considering the amount of stuff we do at grading, I think that's pretty good, though saddening at the same time that I'll be unable to do anything else. At least I can do the grading - my determination will see me through it. After that, I'm resting, sleeping, reading, and - oh yeah, probably some homework too ;D. 

I haven't written in awhile, but real life can take over. And so can the imaginary worlds in books. So really, both have been. I haven't been all that active online lately. I think that's why I haven't been stressing about year 12 as much as everyone else - my way of dealing with stress, etc, is to forget about it. And what's the best way to do that? Read, of course. So read I have. Been re-reading my entire library! Go me! 

Anyway, should probably head off now. Gots me some sleep to get!

Until next time,

The Deluded Writer.