21/02/2014 00:16

Time limit/Amount of Days: 30 Days.

Created by/Where I Found It: Created by me. (though I'm sure many people do it)

So, this is quite a general writing challenge in the sense that you can write whatever you like. Every day you sit down, open up your notebook or laptop, and empty your mind. When you let your thoughts back in, you write the very first thing that comes into your mind and expand from that. Sometimes it will become a bit of a journal entry, other times it becomes musings of strange proportions. It can also become a story. Keep writing on this topic until your line of thought stops. This is just a bit of fun that you can look back on later and see what comes into your mind. You can also use this as a way to practise doing impromptu writing, and also to look back on your own writing and see what you think needs improving. But remember, you can't go back and edit. You must keep it completely original. Go ahead and see just how wild your imagination, your thoughts, can get. Go on. I dare you.