Weird Snores Are Scary

25/07/2013 00:54

Have you ever had those moments where, you start to fall asleep, but you start to snore and you wake yourself up, because you're not used to hearing that sound?  Well, that happened to me earlier today. Or should I say yesterday, since it's nearly 1am now. I'd gotten back from school and gone on a 40 minute drive with le mother, since I'm on my L's and well, I felt like going for a drive. I got home, got ready for martial arts that was in a few hours, and laid on my bed and played a game on my phone. WORST decision ever when you're sleepy. I ended up pausing the game and resting my head, just for a moment...but I ended up starting to doze off. But get this. I'd start to fall asleep, but I was laying funny so I started to snore, and every time that'd happen I'd give myself a fright and wake up!! Ha. Score one for the weird snores, keeping me awake!

Anyway, I came on here with heaps to say and now I've totally forgotten it all. Typical! That's what you get for wanting to write this at 1 in the morning, I guess. 

Oh! An update on Pop, if anyone actually reads these and/or cares. XD He's much better. I saw him on Sunday and he'd been moved out of intensive care and into a ward. He was smiling and telling jokes and being quite cheeky! I found out today that he might even be able to get discharged by next weekend (into a rehab place. No way could he go home). So weeew! 

Kay, so, I have totally blanked and am about to fall asleep, so I'll just keep this post short and wrap things up!!

Until next time,

The Deluded Writer.