Writing Challenge/s

So, basically this is for any and all writing challenges I decide to do and/or create. If the ones I create myself have already been done, I apologise, I don't mean to copy them! It's just something to keep me going with my writing even when I don't know what to write about in my books. It's something fun and challenging for me to keep going with my writing. If other people want to do it, feel free to! Give me feedback on how you found these challenges yourself, etc over in the guestbook! (If I figure out how to do comments and stuff on here I'll let y'all know...but until then, drop into the guestbook) The rules of each writing challenge will be the first post on each one so go find the post that says "The Rules" before the others so it all actually MAKES sense. 
Over and out 
The Deluded Writer