Birthday Forts

27/09/2014 19:07

Yesterday was one of my best friend's birthday (the Twin, she's 19), and my mum came down for the day and we took Twin out for lunch and to see the Maze Runner - which, by the way, was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! We also went shopping for awhile in a giant shopping complex. Anyway mum left and Twin went to her aunties for a birthday dinner, and while she was doing that my housemate and I decided to set the house up for celebrations for when Twin returned. What did we do? WE MADE A BLANKET FORT, and then filled it with 100 balloons. In the kitchen we set up a row of shots of different spirits/liquers, and we also made foil decorations/party hats. In addition, we'd gone and put on our craziest clothing and found some crazy clothes for the Twin to wear when she got here. We had great fun setting it all up, and may have gotten a little high off blowing up so many balloons.  So when she finally did arrive, we quickly moved her away from the entrance to the blanket fort, telling her to face the wall and not look, instead putting her into the hallway. We then got her to take off her shoes, and told her she has to put on the crazy clothes. Once that was done, we took her into the kitchen and got her to do the (7?) shots. Then we took her into the blanket fort, which was great fun. Throughout this whole time, 80s/90s music was playing. At about 11pm we then left to go to a bar in the city, which also played 80s/90s music and was actually really fun (definitely going back there). Overall, a brilliant night!!!