Day #7

26/02/2014 23:39


I wonder what it’d be like to be a cat. I imagine it’d be quite fun, and that nothing would matter but sleep, food, and warmth. I imagine my days would be filled with lounging around in the sun, scratching things, purposely annoying people I don’t like, being playful because I can, and yet looking down on everything because I am Queen Cat and not even a King is as higher ranking and awesome as the Queen Cat, ruler of all the insignificant beings. Humans would be lesser beings there to do my bidding and to love me, and nothing else. If they did anything more than that, I would punish them with acts of fake playfulness and scratch or bite them, or I’d ruin their nice clothing and furniture. But if they were good I’d sit on them in as many creative ways possible and purr to show my love for them. And also because they are my pillows. Comfortable pillows. If they move me off I will look at them in disgust and then punish them. Ahh, the life of a cat.