Fish Are Friends, Not Food

30/05/2013 21:25

So, I have this strange obsession. And it's with fish. I'll point out that this obsession isn't necessarily with the actual fish, but moreso drawing fish, and saying fish, and refusing to eat fish. I don't really want one as a pet. I want a mouse or a kitten for a pet. I know, strange. My favourite answer to many things is "Fishy!", and my immediate response to someone eating fish is to quote 'Finding Nemo' by saying "Fish are friends, not food!"  I am most definitely one strange person.

As a sidenote, I found out the results of the casting for Hairspray, and though I unfortunately didn't get my intended role, I was however casted as the Female Authority, which basically makes me Prudy Pingleton, the seedy Gym Teacher, and the Matron at the Baltimore Women's Detention Centre - for those of you who know Hairspray. She is within the lead roles, but just a slightly more minor one than the others. I have given myself basically tonight to decide whether I am going to go through with the show or not. I won't keep them waiting, if I decide not to do it, I will let them know ASAP so they can re-cast. I have to take into account uni, and school - especially being in Year 12 this year. Le sigh. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know!! :)

ANYWAY, as I have run out of things to talk about for the night, I shall bid you all farewell!

Until next time,

The Deluded Writer.