New Chapter In My Life....and the Sims 4

12/02/2014 23:25

So, it's been quite some time since I was last here!! Exam time .... October-November 2013, if I'm correct!! Well! I'm starting university in a few weeks, and I'm moving in with a friend in order to be in closer proximity to the uni!! In fact, I'll be moving in 5 days. This Sunday coming!! A lot of my friends have said that they don't think they could do it (move out), they feel as if they're just not ready for it just yet, even though some of my friends are going to have a bitch of a time getting to their uni's! But personally, I am SO excited to move. I mean...sure, I suppose there's a small part of me that's nervous, but that part of me is more nervous about what I'll be leaving behind, sad of it. I'll be leaving behind my beloved martial arts for quite a few months, I'll be forefitting a lot of time that's usually spent with my friends. But....I'm still far more excited than I am sad. I know that I'll eventually return to my Hapkido, and that I'll still get to see my friends - in fact, they'll probably be visiting ME a lot, especially the two going to the same uni as me - I'm sure they'll be at mine a lot in between classes! I can't wait for orientation week and the fact that this means I'll be making new friends! I can't wait to get into the swing of uni life, poor as I will be. I'll even be jobhunting - I mean, I know I have been for awhile...but I wasn't ACTIVELY looking, I was more...procrastinating it. Now, I know I have no choice. I'm screwed if I don't get a job! My room is currently uprooted, there are bags and cases and boxes everywhere. The packing has begun. I mean, it's not like I'm taking my WHOLE room...and even though I'll be taking what's probably seen as a lot of stuff...well, I've probably left just as much stuff behind. :P 

In other news, another exciting thing happening this year is the release of the Sims 4! I'm a huge sims fan, and I have been since the very first lot of sims. I have every game! Well, I used to. I sold the first lot of sims to a friend when in desperate need for money and was already onto the sims 3 :P sometimes I wonder why I did that....anyway!! Sims 4. I'm excited for this to happen, I'm very excited to get my metaphorical fingers into this game and see what it has to offer, BUT, as a fan of the old 3 lots of sims, I AM somewhat skeptical. As you all probably know if you're a sims fan, they've gotten rid of all animations from the previous sims', and a LOT is going to be changed. But so far, I'm excited! Their CAS looks so much more in depth and easier to manipulate - I always found that, even though I always did it, toggling everything in advance mode always took FOREVER. I AM suspicious of how much CAS content they'll be giving us - from what I've seen so far, there's only three female hairstyles, and little clothing. Here's hoping that it's still in the works and that we'll be getting more - or that an expansion is also in the works! Build/buy mode looks quite good, I like the new features of being able to move rooms without deleting and starting again, adding a foundation without having to, yet again, delete and start again, and even the toggling of the walls. I very much like this whole concept of scupting everything, CAS, walls, building, etc. I also like that - FINALLY, sims will actually walk on the given paths, not stand out the front of a door during a group gathering waiting for people to go in, and the EMOTIONS. That's a huge new concept that they're bringing in, making sims both more realistic (as with the new animations) but also giving us something new, fun and exciting to work with!!
 Similarly, the graphics have yet again improved, although they've gotten rid of the photographic, 3D-like quality they had in sims 3, which IS one aspect that does concern me, so hopefully they will put my concerns to rest when it's released - or before! 
One other thing that I - and many other simmers, I'm sure - am HOPING, BEGGING for, is LESS RABBIT HOLES. I would LOVE to follow my sim to school, work, and other such things that are rabbit hole'd. So here's hoping they take a big leap from old sims and give us LESS RABBIT HOLES. Cross fingers!!

In any case, I do believe I've written enough of an essay for you all for the day, so 

Until next time,

The Deluded Writer.