Spoilers Are Like The Plague

03/06/2013 22:05

Okay, so I am a huge TV Show lover. I've also recently gone from having approximately 10 TV shows running, to one. Though apparently, Teen Wolf starts up again within the next few days, so I can make that two. So, I don't know about you, but I know that when I desperately want an episode downloaded, the episode decides that HA! nope, it's gonna download REALLY SLOWLY. Therefore, whilst awaiting my downloading episode 9 of Game of Thrones, I go on facebook. I've already used Tumblr Saviour to block as much Game of Thrones as I possibly can. I've seen one or two posts on it which I've scrolled past like it's got the plague. But facebook's GENERALLY rather spoiler-free, right? Well, in normal circumstances, yes that is true. But, as I already know this is the Red Wedding episode and god knows what else, NOPE. THERE. ARE. SPOILERS. EVERYWHERE. ON TUMBLR. ON FACEBOOK. I MEAN, COME ON, KEEP IT OFF FACEBOOK AT LEAST D: This has made me extremely upset!! People are clearly trying to ruin this episode for me. CLEARLY. :'( 

In other news, I finally went and saw Iron Man 3 yesterday, and may I just say, it was AWESOME. I was sick of waiting for my mum to want to see it and decided "nope, Ima go by myself". At least there was people in the cinema with me this time. The first time I ever went by myself, it was The Immortals, and get this, THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE OTHER PERSON IN THE CINEMA WITH ME. I had the strange urge to run through the theatre with my arms in the air, but I didn't just in case there was someone in the light box. It was actually pretty awesome. I really enjoyed it! I got away with talking to the screen when they did stupid things...

Hmmm. What else to speak of? Other than Year 12 smothering me, there isn't really all that much right now! For now...


Until next time,

The Deluded Writer.